posted May.04.15 at 03:00 am


When I first started getting way too serious about anime, I wondered what those octopus things were that no one really talked about. Turns out, they're just hot dog wieners.

"How can I make my own," I hear you not asking yourself and that you could have googled if you actually cared.

Well, it's quite simple! Just cut a hotdog wiener in half (I recommend the smallest wieners you can find. Usually the cheapest 12 oz pack is good.) then just cut in a way that would make the legs. You don't have to do any thing special, just a few cuts will do the trick.

They will curl up when you fry them, making the cute little legs. I personally use a deep fryer that is slowly killing me at around 365F. It only takes a couple of minutes to get them done enough to enjoy. They will float upside down when they're ready (or at least nearly ready).

One trick is figuring out which hotdogs to use. I tend to avoid any more expensive franks because they plump way too much during frying, and it causes them to have a harder, more wrinkly skin. Cheaper dogs seem to work way better for me. I use Aldi Parkview franks, usually. I think Gwaltney and Bar-S work, but I haven't tried either in a while.

Oh, also meet the twins. Hi Jenny, hi Jake. 

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